Professional Ductwork Installation in Toronto and the GTA.

If you are building a house or finishing a basement you may need a good HVAC Company like ACfurnaceGTA Corp for completion of your Ductwork Project!  Just as the heart adjusts the flow of blood to the body the professionally installed ductwork systems adjust the proper flow of air to different parts of your home.


Attention: Not properly installed ductwork brings major heating and cooling problems later.

Let us give you more information on how we do the installation of the whole ductwork system so you could get idea about our professionalism.

The air duct installation process begins with a proper HVAC duct system design conducted by our professional engineer. Usually our company includes this cost into the price of a ductwork. It is very important to calculate the proper amount of air delivered to each room. This is only possible through proper duct system design. Our engineers use the special software to design the system and determine the size of HVAC equipment applied to the project. The duct layout plan shows the size and location of ducts and registers for each level of the home and becomes the guide for our technicians for their future work.

Having the duct plan on hands our technicians start cutting holes in the sub floor for the ducts and registers. The size and location of supply registers is shown on the duct plan.

The holes for the return air are usually cut through the bottom plate of an interior wall and through the sub floor.

After the holes are cut, the furnace and evaporator coil of Air Conditioner are have to be set in place and the plenum attached to the outlet.

The plenum is a metal box manufactured and assembled in our workshop. Our specialist will install it properly on top of the

furnace to guaranty the overall performance of the system.

After the installation of plenum our technicians start installing the square take-off collars.

The supply air duct installation continues by connecting the metal ducts to the start collars. This is very important process which takes a lot of time and continues by installing the branch ducts. These are usually round pipes that are attached to thetakeoffs on the top of the main duct.

Usually the ductwork project for the whole 2000 sq. feet house takes 3 to 5 business days and cost from $6000 to $25000.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and get a quote for your coming ductwork project.

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