High Efficiency Gas Furnace – Conversion of Electric or Oil Heating Homes to Natural Gas.


Convert your home to natural gas today and save about $2,000 annually (see the saving chart from Enbridge).

Increase market value of your house and make it more environmentally friendly. Better yet, improve your quality of life with high efficiency gas furnaceproper circulation, humidification, cleaning, and cooling of your indoor air when you let us install a high-efficiency gas furnace, air conditioner, or air filter, complete with ductwork.

We guarantee the best prices for the house conversion from Electricity/Oil to Natural Gas in Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA. Rental, rent-to-own, or financing of natural gas conversion packages start at just $89.99 per month, plus HST (less than what people overpay when heating their houses with Oil or Elecricity). And you’ll be glad to know that our price covers preparation and submission of application to your local utility for gas meter installation and comprehensive unconditional parts and labor warranty for HVAC equipment.

Homesmall_Furnace_High EfficientNatural gas is a clean-burning, efficient, safe, and reliable fuel source, and it costs less than oil, propane, or electricity heating.

Since new gas equipment is more efficient, you will use less energy and save more money on heating costs. You’ll get rid of the oil tank, electrical baseboards and all their associated hazards and liabilities. No more worrying about fuel deliveries, huge hydro bills–you’ll have a reliable supply of energy to your home, at lower prices. It’s no wonder converting to natural gas can increase the value of your home.

Gas is good for the environment. Natural gas is one of the cleanest-burning fossil fuels, producing no soot or fumes. A standard residential home that converts to natural gas heating will emit up to 40% less greenhouse gasses and up to 99.9% less sulfur dioxide–two major contributors to climate change and acid rain.
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Converting also decreases emissions that deplete the ozone and contribute to respiratory illnesses like asthma. One home converting from oil to natural gas will take up to 185,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the environment. That’s like taking six cars off the street for a year. Do your part to make your community cleaner and greener. Choose natural gas today!Multi-purpose and convenience. Indoors and out, natural gas goes beyond heating your home to heat your water, dry your clothes, cook your food–both indoors and out–light your home, and heat for pools, hot tubs, and garages.


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