Ductwork Installation Toronto, Mississauga, the GTA and Ontario.

Need new ductwork in your home? From one run to a whole new duct system, our qualified technicians will make your home more comfortable with the installation of properly designed ductwork and HVAC system.

We’ve completed over 1000 ductwork projects in Toronto, Mississauga, the GTA, and other parts of Ontario. Ask us for references in your area!


Let us do the job right from the very first time.

We often receive phone calls from customers who hired unlicensed ductwork and sheet metal installers and ask us to help to eliminate “bang-bang” noises coming from ductwork inside the walls or they experience lack of airflow in some rooms of the house. Due to little knowledge regarding the ductwork, these things can and do happen. In many of these cases, unfortunately, we are either unable to help, or the repairs may cost the tremendous amount of money. Hiring non-professional or under-licensed ductwork installers to do work on your home can cost thousands in repairs and re-work in the future. Before the Ductwork Installation  started please ask your technician to show you their HVAC TSSA license and  the special license allowing them to work with the ductwork and sheet metal installation.

At ACfurnaceGTA all of our ductwork special technicians have their TSSA license, their sheet metal license, and their ODP license. You will also receive complete liability insurance that is up to $5 million.

On most jobs, we can provide fast one-day HVAC design and drawing service. Save your time and money placing your entire ductwork project with us.

We’re happy to give you a FREE quote on the spot for all type of projects, even for high-velocity ductwork systems and commercial projects. Minimum charge for any ductwork project is just $700. Know more about Ductwork Installation Procedures at ACfurnaceGTA. We stand for quality!

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STARTING AT $120 per run







Ready for a quote? The best way to get a fast precise quote for your ductwork project is to email your HVAC drawing to info@acfurnacegta.ca

If you don’t have a drawing, please take a moment to fill out our online contact form or call us at 1-855-554-9595

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