Understanding The Advantages Of Natural Gas Furnaces

A lot of people find it very difficult to decide between a gas and an electric furnace. While both options have pros and cons, a lot of experts believe that it a gas furnace is the better choice. The following are some of the advantages of gas furnaces over electric furnaces:

  • Gas furnaces are more economical – Researchers in Maryland found out that a homeowner will be able to save hundreds of dollars every year if he will replace his electric furnace with one that runs on natural gas. Aside from that, gas furnaces are very affordable as well.
  • Gas furnaces provide greater heat – Electric furnaces can only produce heat at about ninety degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a very cold location, you will definitely get disappointed with an electric furnace. Gas furnaces can do a better job. They can provide heat up to one hundred and thirty degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Gas furnaces heat up rooms faster – One of the disadvantages of electric furnaces is that it takes a long time before they can heat up the room. However, you will not have the same problem with gas furnaces. These things can provide steady flow of warm air and that is why they can easily heat up your room.

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