Two-Stage Gas Furnace 96% Goodman GMEC96

When shopping for a home gas furnace, what you are looking for is an optimal combination of quality and price, which will give you optimal comfort. Ideally, the gas furnace should produce reliable and efficient heating for many years. The desired value for money includes many factors, not least of which is the performance efficiency.

When you are out looking for a reliable and efficient gas furnace for your home, you want to buy the one that performs quietly while saving as much energy as possible. Our furnaces combine superior heating capabilities with optimized efficiency, minimizing your hydro bill while delivering more heating, for longer.

Our furnaces will give you flawless, uninterrupted operation at lowest possible rates of energy consumption when compared to many other models. Here is some information about the deal:






The comfort and efficiency of our furnaces give you the one thing any homeowner wants to enjoy – peace of mind. With our furnace installed, you will breathe a profound sigh of relief. There will be no need to bother with maintenance checks, heating failures and urgent repairs. This reliable furnace is designed to work for many, many years before it will ever require your attention.

This high-efficiency model has a two stage gas valve and two speed induced draft gas blower. This setup guarantees high efficiency operation and outstanding performance. This sets it well apart from its one stage gas furnace competitors. Those outdated devices operate in an “on/off” fashion, delivering maximum heating when on and none when off. This means two things – an inconsistent airflow and difficulty efficiently regulating temperatures inside the house, and constant extreme temperature swings inside the device itself, which can take a toll on the metal parts and weaken them faster.

Our two-valve gas furnace will run at a constant steady minimum required to maintain a steady indoors temperature, making minor adjustments on the go. This preserves energy and keeps your home nice and cozy at all times, without the “mood swings’ that the single-valve gas furnaces are known for.

This is how our furnaces give you higher performance while decreasing energy costs. It’s that simple, and it makes perfect sense. Our gas furnace works at over 96% efficiency, which means that out of every 1.00 Dollar spent on heating energy (gas in this case), 96 Cents are used to produce heat, and only 4 cents are lost. The older models which can still be found in many homes are known to work at efficiency levels below 60%! That means almost half your money is wasted, producing noise instead of heating. Even modern gas furnaces have hard time competing with the 96% efficiency mark that our furnace reaches comfortably.
This innovative, super-efficient design of the heat exchanger unit is unique to our furnaces and cannot be found in any other furnaces in the market today. With tubular aluminized steel for higher heat resistance and flexibility enhanced by wrinkle-bend technology in the tubes, the construction is nearly indestructible. The heat exchanger being the heart of the gas furnace, this guarantees years and years of quiet, reliable and efficient work, producing heating and peace of mind for the comfort of your home.

To get a quote for the following models:

GMEC960402BN – 40000 BTU (HOUSE SIZE 800ft – 1200ft)
GMEC960603BN – 60000 BTU (HOUSE SIZE 1200ft – 2000ft)
GMEC960803BN – 80000 BTU (HOUSE SIZE 2000ft – 3000ft)
GMEC961005CN – 100000 BTU (HOUSE SIZE 3000ft – 4000ft)
GMEC961205DN –  120000 BTU (HOUSE SIZE 4000 ft AND MORE)

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