Introducing Goodman GSX13 Air-conditioner

Introducing Goodman GSX13 Air-conditioner

written by: marygrace

Come summer time, a lot of people in Toronto will have the same problem – the unfriendly weather. To stay away from the grueling heat, some go to the mall and linger a little longer to feel the coldness of air. Others troop to beaches to freshen up. There are those who take a bath a lot of times in one day just so they will not feel the heat. But these practices are very expensive.

But can you just stay at home and feel refreshed so that you will spend less? The answer to this question is a resounding YES! As long as your home has an energy – efficient air – conditioning system. To feel relieved during the hottest of days, it is best that you opt for Goodman GSX13 Air Conditioner.

The compressor of this air conditioner is very efficient and so is the coil. The design of the coil, consisting of aluminum fins and copper tubing, ensures the optimized surface area. With these 2 efficient components, Goodman GSX13 air conditioner will surely save you a lot of money in the end.

Another good thing about Goodman GSX13 air conditioner is that it will not disturb you while you are sleeping because it is very quiet. No matter how cold your room is, you will still not feel relaxed if the air conditioner creates unwanted and disturbing sounds. With Goodman GSx13 air conditioner, this will never be a problem. It has a feature that can dampen the sound. You can rest assured that the condenser fan system will let you sleep peacefully. In the industry, the sound produced by this air conditioner is the lowest.

Goodman never rests on its laurels and is always gearing towards innovation. Other than using aluminum fins and copper tubing, which is an energy efficient combination in terms of heat transfer, the company also made the copper tubing smaller. With this, the amount of refrigerant, an air pollutant, is reduced. Goodman GSX13 air conditioner utilizes refrigerant free of chlorine (R-410A).

Goodman products are distributed in Toronto by ACfurnaceGTA Corp.

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