Gas Boiler Navien CH240



My name is Eugene. Today on December 5th, 2011 we inspected 62 Cressa crt, Toronto for the possibility of installation of a gas boiler. Customer Lora by name already got several estimations and was told to go with Navien Combi Boiler CH models. So we initially started offering customer to go with Olsen Boiler but she refused. The house was heated with oil before and customer has applied to Enbridge to install a gas meter recently. For us it was important to give a better price and better value proposition. Our price was $100 less than other company offered (we told the customer about our policy to guaranty better prices) and we offered better equipment CH240 instead of CH210 offered by other company. We believe that CH210 is would not be enough for 1600 sq. feet house with two apartments. So our proposition was selected by customer and we planned to meet on Thursday.


For all new projects with Navien CH models we recommend to check the possibility of proper venting. From our experience we believe that CH240 installation is more safe option to avoid problems with not enough heat generation problems in the future.




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