ACfurnaceGTA is honored to provide our customers with the best solution to make fresh air a lifestyle. We are proud to introduce American Standard, the quietest, fastest, largest, most reliable product to achieve the highest level of comfort for you and your family. ACCUCLEAN air filtration system is beyond competition due to its super dependable, versatile and efficient features proved to be respected “number one” over a century.

American-Standard-AccuClean-Air-FilterWith American Standard the air at home feels the same as outdoors in a beautiful park or peak of the mountain due to amazing features of the patent filtration system. No matter what the current situation is you can’t go wrong with American Standard. It comes to your life and changes it dramatically for better. It is a pure miracle, which fills your lungs with life and energy. The result is exceptional: more creativity, enthusiasm, optimism and overall well being every second you breathe.

Our customers are rating ACCUCLEAN system as the most innovative, advances and meaningful. It is not surprising since the product removes 99.98% of pollution monsters, particle, which lead to severe respiratory diseases. Breathing is the first and the ultimate, most frequent activity humans exercise during lifetime. Why not to make it enjoyable, rejuvenating your mind, body, spirit?

Let us look at some major outstanding mile stones American Standard offers:

  1. Quite operation. You decide what tunes your ears want to hear.
  2. The best filter available. Forget about pressure drop.
  3. Entire home is clean not just segments.
  4. Almost no dust. 99.98% allergens are gone. Lost.
  5. Install and forget about it for years and years.
  6. Functional parts 10 years warranty is included.

Enjoy all this with no effort for installation, maintenance or operation, being fully supported by the most trusted manufacturer and a team of professionals from ACfurnaceGTA. Let your home be an escape from tiring, noisy, polluted city. ACCUCLEAN American Standard is reasonably priced tool for a priceless result!




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