Solar Water Heater Toronto. Save up to $495 a year on Gas.


GSE IP195 Solar Water Heater is the first and only one integrated and chemical-free Evacuated Tube Solar Collector water heating system certified by Canadian Standard Association(CSA) in Canada and Ontario.


Everybody knows that Solar Energy is a FREE and Powerful source of energy becoming more and more popular nowadays when the prices on energy are so unpredictable. It is a wonderful thing, but for many Canadians it has been far too expensive (regular price is over $10,000)… Not Any More!

You pay $2990 (see table hereafter) plus installation, should you choose installation performed by our qualified technicians.  Or you can Do Installation Yourself (DIY) and save even more money!

Cost of Equipment – before taxes $2990.00
GST on Equipment (5%) $149.50
Final Cost $3139.50

What are the Installation Options and Costs?

1. Installation by qualified technicians
– Labour & materials included.
– Installation cost is $1000.00 plus GST (5%)

2. DIY Installation
– Simple instructions are provided in the owner’s manual
– Additional materials required depending on the application – see owner’s manual.
– Approximate cost of materials needed is $300.00

Three ways to get your GSE IP95 Solar Water Heater

1, Outright Purchase – including installation by qualified technicians
2. Outright Purchase – self installation (DIY)
3. TD Solar Loan. Please contact representative to apply for loan.

Does a solar water heater work in winter?

Without a doubt, there is a potential for solar energy to heat our hot water in the summer.  However, many residents in the GTA are cynical about solar unit and the large amounts of hot water it is able to heat up during the cold winters. The WISE project hired Globe Solar Energy to install a flow meter with two heat probes [ISTEC 4400 metres] at 31 Pinewood Ave.  The metre was installed in late December and we are now showing records from January and February. The information certainly reflects the temperatures after showers at 7am.