Heating Air Conditioning Ductwork Installation Procedures at ACfurnaceGTA. We stand for quality!

ACfurnaceGTA manufactures ductwork systems themselves. Their shop occupies over 5000 sq. feet. It is equipped with over 20 machines that specialize in ductwork design. 90% of the work that is done is custom to fit the customers desire. Every single time a custom ductwork design is needed, a professional ductwork specialist is sent out to look over the job. The measurements are taken and it is then decided with the customer how the ductwork will be placed.

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If the ductwork specialist feels that an HVAC design is required, he takes the dimensions of the house. The duct work specialist may also ask the householder to provide architectural blueprints. (It is easier for the ductwork specialist to do the HVAC design using the original architectural blueprints) As soon as the HVAC drawing is prepared, the ductwork specialist hands the drawings to the shop foreman for the magic to begin.

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Once the shop foreman receives the drawings or work order from the ductwork specialist the hard work begins. Every single step that the shop foreman makes while putting together the ductworks is very crucial. It is very important to be attentive to the details of the drawings or work order. Even the smallest mistake in the measurements or design will affect the whole system.

ductwork toronto

One of the most important aspects in manufacturing the duct work system is the proper usage of material, and thickness of metal that is up to standards with the sheet metal and ductwork industry. Once the ductwork parts had been completed by the shop foreman, they are handed over to the installation department for implementation. (It is a very complex procedure, yet these shop foremen manage to make it look so simple)  The installers then make their way to the customer’s house to set up the ductwork system.

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