When it comes to our home’s central heating system, most of us ignore it. However we expect it to function when we require it, pumping out a constant supply of hot water and heating. When a fault does occur, a boiler breakdown can cause a lot of misery, particularly if it occurs during the winter season.

Boiler Installers Toronto tells some of the most common boiler problems which are mentioned here:

#1- No Hot Water or Heat

This issue can occur if the boiler’s airlock or diaphragm is broken. Sometimes if the motorized valves fail, or there are problems with the thermostat, a boiler may fail to supply heat/hot water.

#2-Dripping or Leaking

There are many causes of water leakage and it depends on where the water is leaking from. Usually when an internal component breaks down, such as the pressure valve or pump seal, a leak may occur. In case of the latter, the pump seal may be worn out and needs replacing. If the leak is arising from the pressure valve, the boiler pressure may be too high. If the leak source is the tank or pipes, corrosion may have occurred.

Leaking boiler

#3-Gurgling, Whistling and Strange Banging Noises

When you hear a noise that is similar to the kettle boiling, it is called kettling. This is commonly caused by air in the boiler system or if the water pressure is low. Banging sounds arise when the pump has failed. This typically occurs in older boilers.

#4-Pilot Light turns Off

There are three possible causes for a pilot light going out: a draught, a buildup of deposit or a broken thermocouple arresting gas supply. Before you attempt to reignite the pilot light, check to see that there are no issues with your gas supply.

#5-Losing Pressure

When the boiler pressure is too low, the central heating system will not work properly. Examine the pressure gauge. If it is below 1, there will be an issue. A lack of pressure may arise due a water leak, bleeding radiators, or the pressure valve needs to be replaced.

#6-Frozen Condensate Pipe

The condensate pipe transports acidic water formed by waste gas, far from the boiler. The pipe leads outside into a drain. This can freeze during the winter months. A condensate pipe is easy to identify. It usually looks different from all the other pipes arising from the boiler. When the condensate pipe freezes, your boiler will display a warning or a fault code.

#7-Thermostat Issues

If the thermostat turns the heat on/off at its own will or if it is no longer accurate, it is time to replace it.

If you notice any of the above issues with your boiler, it is important to contact a gas certified boiler engineer. Regular maintenance and servicing can prevent many of these common boiler issues. Speak to your local boiler engineer today.

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