Top 7 Checklist for Picking the Best Furnace in Toronto

Buying a furnace for home is a tedious task. It requires elaborate planning. From choosing the type of furnace to picking the brand. Buying a furnace in Toronto is all about making a checklist of your requirements. Here are few characteristics to explore before investing in furnace in Toronto.

1 Affordability
Cost of a furnace is the first ice-breaker for many HVAC contractors. No matter how much efficient the furnace promises to be, if the system does not fit into the price bracket of the customer, it is a dead fish. Furnaces in Toronto range between 19,000 BTU to 35,000 BTUs depending on the size of the house. Furnaces start from a price range of $1799 installed.

2 Size of furnace
The furnace to be installed at home should be able to sufficiently heat the house. Factors you should consider before deciding the furnace size are:

  • Exposure time to Sun
  • Outside temperature
  • Number of windows
  • Type of flooring
  • Ceiling height

Most HVAC Contractors in Toronto make note of every physical dimension that could affect the performance. For houses in Greater Toronto and Southern Ontario, a furnace delivering 50,000 BTU per hour is enough for a 1300 square feet bungalow.

3 System type
Heating units involving furnaces can be laid in two ways:
1. Split system
2. Packaged system
Split systems accommodate both heating as well as cooling units. For exclusive furnaces, you should always prefer packaged ones, especially if you don’t have storage areas, basements and attics. Packaged furnaces in Toronto are compact and are conveniently designed as outdoor unit.

4 Type of furnace
Furnaces are categorised based on the type of fuel used in them. They could be:

  • Gas furnaces
  • Electric heating
  • Oil heating

Gas furnaces in Toronto are most economical considering the sub-zero temperatures experienced in the state. Natural gas is a cheaper fuel than oil. Gas furnaces are smaller and most houses in Toronto have a directly supply through gas pipeline.

5 Zoning Systems
Furnaces in Toronto work well if they are placed in zones. Zoning of furnace in Toronto is done to create different heating zones in homes with larger area. Each zone is controlled by thermostat which creates ambient temperature in each room using much lesser energy than a centralized HVAC system.

6 Blower speeds
The intensity  heating of a furnace depends on the speed of the blower. Furnace blowers are available in fixed and variable speed capacities. For better heating, furnaces with variable speed range are preferred. They give more comfort and evenly distribute the air to all corners of the home. Furnaces in Toronto with variable speed blowers are more efficient and produce much lesser noise than single-speed blowers.

7 Quality of installation
Probably the most overlooked characteristic in the furnace market is the ease of installation. Compromising on the quality of installation in furnaces can lead to disasters apart from performance issues. Hiring a qualified HVAC contractor in Toronto to install the high efficient ensures top performance year after year.

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