Top 7 Benefits that weighed my scale in Favor of Furnace Rental

My old furnace was giving me continuous trouble. The maintenance cost was increasing every year. I felt it was time to switch to a new one. I had two options either to go for a new furnace or take it on rental. My experience with buying own furnace was not pleasant, as I had to pay the upfront cost plus labor charges, installation and repairs. The big problem arises in case your furnace needs some repair or maintenance. Once you launched the complaint with the company, the technicians will turn up in 48 hours. I hated it, when you have paid so much money buying branded furnace and have to pay for service too then why wait for days?

I found furnace rental to be a more convenient option. The best part was that there was no upfront cost and the furnace rental company took care of the repair and labor charges.

I did a thorough research and found the following benefits of renting a new furnace.

1. They have all the prominent brands and renting process was hassle free.
2. The furnace rental provider took care of the maintenance and repair cost. The service was provided free of cost.
3. Same day service was a remarkable feature that surely played a major role in inclining my decision of taking furnace on rent.
4. In case, you are planning to rent your property then you can transfer the monthly rental of furnace to the new owner.  Something that would have never been possible if you have bought the furnace.
5. Most of these companies have Energy Management Consultants to help you in deciding the right furnace for your place. The expertise and knowledge they have ensures that you make right investment decision.
6. The company did the replacement of old worn out equipment at no additional cost.
7. Installation of the new furnace is done in less than 24 hours. The technicians will visit you at your convenient time and date.

These top seven benefits surely weighed the scale in favor of taking furnace on renal than buying. I am pretty happy with my decision. My new equipment is working fabulously. It has resulted in energy saving by almost 90 percent. I am completely at peace knowing that furnace rental providers are available 24×7 to help me out with any issue regarding rented furnace.

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