Top 6 Tips on Furnace Rentals to Help You Pull Deal of the Season

Buying a new furnace has its own list of hassles. Without knowing its operations and the maintenance that follows, a new furnace can be a prick for years to come, especially if the winter months are around. A good alternative against buying a new furnace is to try a unit on rental. Here are five tips to help you zero onto a furnace rental provider in Toronto that won’t cost you a bombshell.

furnace rental

1 Check out the age of furnace
Furnace rental service providers put up units that could be anywhere between 6 months old to some dating back more than a decade. For a good performance, take up a furnace at rental that is not more than 5 years old. It saves you the cost of breakdown maintenance and also ensures that you check out the safety norms.
Not to forget the efficiency limits, before bagging a good deal from furnace rental shop.

2 Get a trained technician to find you a rentable furnace
Instead of picking a new furnace to serve you for less than 3 months of a year, grab a furnace rental in Toronto. Since the tenure of operation is less than 120 days, find the furnace rentals that offer exclusive technician services to check the unit for you. The components that must be scrutinised more effectively are heat exchangers, air ducks and blowers.
Older furnaces often suffer from cracked ducts and loose heat exchangers. Furnaces on rental in Toronto are installed by contractors only after thorough check-ups.

3 Living with a brand
It is always safe to rent a furnace manufactured by a reliable brand. Reason: You will have a guaranteed warranty in case something goes wrong. Secondly, the spares are easy to find in case you try to fix the broken furnace, instead of leaving it in a broken state. Another reason you should trust a furnace rental unit from branded inventory is the quick installation and maintenance routine you get.

4  Ask for the fuel records
This is especially true for furnaces older than 24 months. Reliable furnace rental providers in Toronto put up previous fuel usage and bills for reference. It rates the amount of fuel consumed, performance rating and the term for which it was used. Depending on the type of furnace you buy, you need to focus on grabbing the most efficient unit.

5 Saving on installation
Unlike a new furnace, you can save a lot on installations of rented furnaces. There is no need to make a dramatic upgrade in your walls to accommodate the unit. At less than $50, you have the whole installation done. Labour charges vary depending on the furnace rental provider you choose.

6 Easy replacements
In case you are unhappy with the rental furnace performance, you can just call the owner and ask for it to be replaced. Even medium-scale furnace rental service providers have a replacement option available in 4 hours. If the unit breakdown happens at night, you can seek refund for the day and also get compensated with an upgraded furnace.

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