Top 6 Benefits that makes High Efficiency Gas Furnace a Best Investment

High efficiency gas furnaces are rapidly replacing the old mid efficiency traditional furnaces and heaters. Need for higher efficiency and better heating solutions have led to a massive turn around in furnace market. Apart from good looks and design, gas furnaces have to match up to the safety and environment-friendly norms.

Here is why choosing a high efficiency gas furnace is considered to be a better investment than investing money in purchasing other new equipment used indoors.

1   Size matters
Specification of a gas furnace in terms of BTU size is what the main thing all customers have consider first. The proper sized furnace provides better heating and air conditioning for home. A small gas furnace installed may be unnecessary expenditures and your house will not be properly heated especially if you are living north of Canada.

Finding the right sized high efficiency gas furnace involves a combination of two things;

  • Size of the house
  • The average winter temperature

Most gas furnace contractors in Toronto have software package to determine what size of gas furnace will deliver the best result in coldest of seasons.

2    Furnace efficiency
Furnaces have indeed come a long way when it comes to achieving highest levels of efficiency. High efficiency gas furnace delivering 30 Kilowatt hour has a rating of 93 percent. In short, it is more profitable in the long run to invest in a more efficient gas furnace than in any other in house appliance.
A 4.7 rating on a gas furnace means the system has an efficiency of up to 98.70 percent AFUE. Higher the efficiency, lesser will be the existing ducts parameters, components and of course will bring much lesser waste on gas and hydro both.

3     Electric ignition
Electronic ignition pilots make the gas furnaces more efficient. All electric ignition furnaces have a standard efficiency rating of 85 AFUE and above.

4    Low Noise and vibration
All gas furnaces have a motor blower to blow out the hot gush of air. The blower is placed in housing and covered with a squirrel cage. At high speeds, the motor vibrates along with the cage making it worse for home. An efficient gas furnace will produce lesser noise due to better cage design and a lighter blower construction. In order to test the efficiency of a gas furnace, try the system at different modes of heating and cooling almost instantly. If it is noise-free in its operation, it is worthy to invest in a system.

5    Economical Heat stages
High efficiency gas furnaces offer two-stage modulated heating operation. It fulfils economical constraints and also boosts the dehumidification system during summers. Two stage gas furnaces produce much lesser carbon dioxide emissions and provide better temperature regulation all through the year.

6    Heat exchanger warranty
High efficiency gas furnaces use combustion of the gas to heat the house. The heat exchanger in the gas furnaces of higher efficiency are better sealed and suffer lesser corrosion. It is easier to inspect and test the heat leaks and gas emissions on high efficiency furnace. With better life and suitable working operations, the heat exchanger of highly efficient gas furnaces actually comes with a warranty of 10 years. Some parts in the furnace carry a life time replacement warranty!

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