Top 4 Diagnostic Checks to be done during Air Conditioner Installation in Toronto

Renting an air conditioner in Toronto is very simple thanks to the affluent services offered by the reputed HVAC contractors and sales agencies. For a hassle-free experience thereafter is more to do with the air conditioner installation than how you use it. After all, the air conditioners installation bought from the showrooms and sales can easily put a dent in your pocket by around $150 or more.

Considering the importance of the air conditioner rental in Toronto, here are key diagnostic checks you must supervise during air conditioner installation.

1 Check for refrigeration agent leakage
From environmental safety and also from performance point of view, it is very important to verify if there is any evident leakage from the refrigeration line. Recovery of the refrigerant is a key diagnostic check during air conditioner installation. How to now if there is a leakage? There are four types of refrigerant leaks identified by the HVAC contractors in their assessment sheet before installation.

  • Standard leakage—Leakage during the idle time or when the AC is switched off.
  • Pressure-related leaks—Leakage occurring at certain pressures
  • Vibration leakage—Leakage due to faulty alignment or set up, leading to vibration and tilting
  • Condensation leakage—It occurs only at certain temperature  due to poor thermostat operation, resulting in frequent contraction and expansion of the supply lines

2 Temperature check at air handlers
The HVAC contractors Toronto have a thumb rule mechanism to find the temperature readings at various points in the AC system. The readings are taken after 20 minutes of running in normal conditions. Pressure drop in the unit indicates that there is a significant loss of refrigerant from the system. It could be due to damaged compressor or a faulty refrigerant metering device. In either case, the only option is to replace the air conditioner with a secondary one.

3 Condenser check
Proper condenser check is the key to get a high ROI on the rental AC systems from HVAC contractors in Toronto. If the AC is in a running mode, only passing from one house to another after the end of rental term, it is obvious that the condenser has been busy.

Only certified HVAC professionals can check the health of the condenser by measuring the coolant level in the tank. The accessible parts of condenser and evaporator require regular diagnostic checks. That is why top HVAC contractors prefer to get his test done in their labs.

4 Ignition check
Over use and poor maintenance can play a huge role in the way air conditioners fire up during the day. Corrosion, poor contact and breakage in the circuit can lead to low firing or no firing. If you intend to use at night, the ignition can cause delay in firing. If it goes unnoticed, a small spark can cause short circuit too!

This is why best HVAC contractors in Toronto insist on getting regular maintenance done on rental units. After all, safety is the key to all operations.

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