Tips to keep your Central AC working in Optimal Condition

In the summer, air conditioning costs can run very high. This puts a lot of pressure on the cooling system to work efficiently. While you cannot avoid paying higher electricity bills during this time, it is possible to save money by implementing the following tips:

Change your filter every three months

The importance of changing the filter cannot be underestimated. At the start of the summer season, insert a new filter. Three months after that, replace it. If you are prone to allergies, or live in the area where there is a heavy construction, you may have to replace the filter more often.

Invest in good quality filters

Pleated synthetic filters work best compare to fiberglass ones.

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Check your AC’s cooling

To determine whether your AC is cooling efficiently, compare the temperature of air blowing out to the temperature of the air returning to the air vent. A 15 to 18 degrees Fahrenheit difference can be expected. If the difference is higher, a clogged filter might be the culprit. A lower number points to an issue with the Freon gas; it’s probably too low. Either of them indicates, it’s time for professional servicing!

Set the thermostat to normal temperature

Keeping the temperature will NOT cool your house faster. Instead, it makes your AC work harder and longer!

Protect the ducts

During any kind of home renovation works, protect the ducts by taping air filters over the return vents. This prevents dust from setting into the ductwork.

Check the ductwork for leaks

If you notice holes in your ductwork, air is likely to escape into the attic. There are two types of ductwork: flexible and metal. Flexible ductwork is more prone to holes and if one is found, it must be replaced. Holes in metal ductwork are rare and can be remedied by applying duct tape.

Insulate the ductwork

Ducts run up through the attic, making the temperature quite hot. Invest in extra insulation around the ducts. Insulation made from foil will last longer than plastic.

Clean the outside unit annually

Debris can easily build up on the condenser (outside). This blocks air flow, making your condenser work twice as hard. First turn the power off and then wash off the dirt using a hose. You want the water to clean between the metal fins of the condenser. Do not spray against them, as they can bend.

Secure the outside unit

The outside unit is prone to theft and vandalism. This is because the copper within is valuable and is sold for scrap metal. Keep the unit out of sight and within a shaded area to promote efficiency. Take care not to block airflow.

Collect the condensate water

Air conditioners produce a lot of condensate which drips out as water. Place a bucket under the end of the condensate pipe to collect this water. You can use it to water your plants or the landscape.

By implementing these steps, you can maintain, if not optimize the functionality of your central air conditioning unit. To learn more about money-saving tips, contact ACFurnaceGTA today.

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