Things nobody told you before: 3 Hidden Aspects of taking an Air Conditioner rental unit

Renting an air conditioner in Toronto is a popular choice for most families, especially the ones living as tenants. It saves the cost of installation and annual maintenance. Moreover, the air conditioner rental services come with excellent maintenance coverage and insurance too! However, before renting an air conditioner for your house or office, you need to check certain things that are considered obvious.

Here are 5 obvious things to check in an air conditioner rental unit in Toronto.
1. Age and brand of the unit
2. Condition of the AC unit
3. Compressor health
4. Price of the unit compared to a new one
5. Availability of an Authorized Service Center (AEC) in Toronto and Mississauga

Once you establish the above mentioned details, it’s time to move onto the next level.

Air Conditioner Rental Mississauga

Here are 3 hidden aspects related to AC rental units and services that nobody will tell you. Obviously, you have to ask it by yourself or pick the habit of inspecting things that look okay at first but have a dubious performance on the inside.

1. Humidifier system

Humidifier system is an important part of the HVAC unit. Despite its importance, most buyers overlook the key component. The humidifier system makes a huge impact on the quality of air. The worst thing to choose in a HVAC unit is a wrong-sized dehumidifier and humidifier for your house.

The best humidifier system will maintain the humidity levels at around 50% compared to the outside conditions.  If your Air conditioner rental unit is missing a humidifier system or the ductwork installation is faulty, it can cause health problems and extensive damage to the property made of wood and fabric like hardwood flooring, veneers, laminate furniture, guitar, piano and violin etc.

2. Blower power

One that beats the summer heat effectively is the Air conditioner blower assembly. The worst thing to experience on a hot summer day is to start the air conditioner unit only to find that it is not working. Blowers of old air conditioners can be full of dirt and microbes if they have not been used for months or days together.

The output from the AC unit comes from the blower. The quality of air is decided based on this output. A damaged blower will not only deliver air riddled with dirt, odor and microbes but also work with lot of noise. Poor blower assembly can inflate electricity bills by 30% at least during the summers. You could be paying $10 extra each day if the air conditioner rental unit runs for an average 8 hours daily. That’s $900 for three months!

3. Coolant lines

With time and use, the refrigerant lines and water lines could be severely damaged. Ask the HVAC contractors in Toronto to get complete ductwork installation done before you hire it. The best way to hunt down the quality and performance of the AC is to look for cracks, insulations and holes in the outer body.

Check the age of the compressor and match it with the surface of the coolant tiles to ensure you get the best out of what you pay as rent.

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