Commercial HVAC and Rooftop Units

Commercial HVAC refers to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that operate on a larger scale than residential systems. They provide temperature and ventilation regulation for various types of commercial buildings such as restaurants, hospitals, offices, and warehouses. The commercial HVAC may use different methods of heating and cooling such as burning fuel or electricity. They may also have different types of installation applications. Our company works with different types of commercial HVAC equipment like boilers, high-input water heaters, garage unit heaters, Ductless Air Conditioning units, Commercial Heat Pumps and HVAC systems installed on the roofs of commercial buildings called Rooftop Units.

So, what is a rooftop HVAC Unit (RTU)? A rooftop unit is a type of HVAC system mostly found in commercial buildings. These systems are placed on the roof of a building and provide heating, cooling, and ventilation to a building. These are package air conditioning units and they are popular because they are simple, compact, self contained, all in one, HVAC units. A rooftop unit contains all heating and cooling equipment in one compact box. These systems do not contain indoor and outdoor units. As all components are placed in a compact box, we call it a packaged system. RTUs are weather-proof and robust. This enables them to prevent debris, rain, snow and tiny animals from getting in – but only air passed through it.

Key Factors of When to Upgrade

• Higher Electricity Bills Than Usual
• Strange Noises Coming from the RTU
• HVAC Costly Repairs
• Frequent Breakdown

Why buy a rooftop unit from ACfurnaceGTA? Our company has a vast 10+ year experience installing Rooftop units on all types of roofs. We provide the full support at all stages, from the selection of equipment to its transportation and placement on the roof by crane, complete installation and subsequent maintenance upon request. Our HVAC specialists will do the pre-inspection with all the measurements to understand what kind and size of the rooftop you need before providing you with a FREE QUOTE! Our specialists will measure and order if needed curb adapters in order to guaranty the best performance if we install different brand of RTU from what was installed before.

ACfurnaceGTA works with all available in Ontario brands of rooftop units: American Standard(Trane, Ameristar), Allied Air(Lennox), Daikin (Goodman), Carrier, Rheem and York.



NEED A NEW ROOFTOP? GET A FREE QUOTE TODAY! Can’t afford the outright purchase? No problem, we provide FINANCING and RENTAL PROGRAMS INCLUDING FREE INSTALLATION AND FREE REPAIR SERVICES for all commercial HVAC equipment installed by us.


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