Rental Furnace versus New HVAC: Top 6 Smart Tips to make a Smart Choice

With each passing day, the diurnal temperatures are rising frantically. Variation in the daily temperatures takes its toll on the efficiency of the HVAC units. Buying a new HVAC unit is a smart option only if you have known how energy efficiency varies all through the year depending on the temperature. For those who are not familiar with the operation of an air conditioner, a rental service is the best option.

Are you worried about the energy efficiency of HVAC unit taken from air conditioner rental service?

Here are some very smart tips to keep your heating and cooling energy budget within optimal limits.

1. Nearly 56 percent of the total energy consumed in your home is taken up by heating and cooling equipments. Opt for high efficiency gas furnace for heating purpose. HVAC contractors Toronto offer furnace air conditioner in various makes. Make a balance choice between comfort and budget.

2. Replace your existing air conditioner with furnace air conditioner delivering higher energy efficiency. Choose an air conditioner rental service that offers units not more than 5 years old. High efficiency gas furnace and air conditioner can save up to 30 percent of your energy costs.

furnace for sale

3. As per recent survey reports, more than 40 percent of the Canadian homes still have furnaces and boilers as old as 20 years. There is a significant pressure on the energy companies to fulfil growing power demands. High efficiency gas furnaces from rental service providers now come with BGE rebates. The annual fuel utilization efficiency of every furnace Mississauga is more than 90 percent. Even furnaces for scale come with standard BGE ratings, ensuring that the customers get best of technology and energy saving options.

4. Check for pipe work. Any leak or crack in the system can be checked during the ductwork installation. HVAC contractor Toronto offer extensive professional plumbing and piping services, even if it is a furnace for sale.

5. Before investing in a new boiler installation, get a professional HVAC contractor to check your existing space. Not all units can provide the same efficiency. The factors that you must check before boiler installation are:

  • Size of the room
  • Number of rooms to be heated or cooled
  • Material used in room flooring and ceiling
  • Average diurnal temperature variation throughout the year

Other miscellaneous factors that you must verify are:

  • Number of persons living in the house
  • Type of doors and windows installed in the rooms
  • Elevation of the room from ground

6. Tankless water heater rental in Toronto is another smart option that you can try before winter sets in. Instead of plugging an entirely new set of boiler for your home, rental boilers will save you the cost of maintenance in the long run.

Make a proper assessment of your requirements before going ahead with boiler installation in Toronto. This way you can certainly save 50 to 60 percent more energy than ever before.

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