Payne®- A cost effective system that you can count on!

The Payne® brand represents products that are dependable and affordable! With more than a hundred years in the HVAC business, the Payne® range of products is attractive, reliable and affordable.

At ACFurnaceGTA, Payne is one of our most sought-after brands. We carry a wide series of Payne products such as gas furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, small packaged products, indoor coils and duct-free splits.

Our HVAC professionals will help you select the most suitable Payne products that are guaranteed to offer quality, comfort and savings.

Why is dependability and reliability often associated with Payne?

Over the last century, Payne has acquired a reputation for providing HVAC products that are well-designed, energy-efficient, pocket-friendly and consistent. Every product in the Payne® series is produced to withstand the test of time, weather and usage. Complimented by suave features and affordable costs, more families have put their trust in Payne than any other brand.

At Payne, they understand that comfort means more than installing a furnace or air conditioner. It involves selecting products that enhance comfort, deliver energy efficiency and provides significant savings. This is the advantage of owning not just a complete system but a Payne® system!

What does the Payne promise deliver?

The Payne® system of heating and cooling products puts your family’s comfort first! They carry a complete range of efficiency levels, designed for ever-lasting reliability. The Payne range of products enables you to get comfortable at the touch of a button!

Let our HVAC Pros show you how!

At ACFurnaceGTA, we offer a wide range of Payne products.

Air Conditioners

Keeping your family comfortable and cozy is an outcome you can expect when you place your trust in the Payne brand. Not all homes are built equally, so it’s vital that you have a varied and complete air conditioner. Regardless of the model you select, you will enjoy the benefit of efficient and undisturbed cooling from the minute you press the “ON” button.


Payne® play an integral role in maintaining your home’s comfort throughout the year. Their gas furnace models are comfort-enhancing, humidity-controlling and efficiency-extended. Each and every model is designed to deliver outstanding value and performance, for many years to come.

Other Heating & Cooling Products

Heat Pumps

Payne pumps operate quietly yet efficiently. They are designed to last for a long time and operate in sync with your heating and cooling system.

Fan Coils

A fan coil and heat pump go hand in hand. Payne® fan coils pair perfectly well with Payne heat pumps to deliver energy-efficiency, exceptional heat transfer and cooling and heating effectiveness.

Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils are an integral component of the heat pump or air conditioning system. Due to their corrosion-resistant aluminium fabrication, Payne evaporator coils are built for rugged durability. They are available in many configurations and options to suit your system needs.

Ductless Systems

The Payne Ductless High Wall System is designed to have a low-profile presence in your workout room, dining room, entertainment room or any other part of your home. This indoor unit will easily blend into your décor.

Packaged Products

Payne®’s packaged products incorporate energy efficiency, durability, reliability and affordability all in one convenient bundle. Irrespective of the model you select, you can breathe easier in the knowledge that you’re using one of the most consistent brands in the HVAC industry.

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