Are you paying too much for your AC: Switch it with a Rental One Today!

Are you paying more than $100 every quarter just to keep the AC in running condition? If yes, it is time to look for other options. And maybe you would like to explore something that more than 60% of the residents in Toronto have been doing since the last couple of years—taking a HVAC system on rental basis. However, it is not always easy to find a HVAC contractor in Toronto who offers the best rental services in affordable prices.

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Here is a checklist for consumers looking to take AC on rental basis in Toronto and Mississauga.

1. Full-time showroom or a sale offer
HVAC contractors necessarily offer AC Furnace rentals through two commercially viable channels. One is through the regular showroom deals, while the other comes as part of a seasonal sale for HVAC units like heaters, blowers and AC units.
There could be sizeable difference between the prices of HVAC units in both channels. It is safe to take AC installation package from the regular showrooms to avoid hiccups later.

2. Is the HVAC contractor experienced and reliable?
More than the rental cost, it is the quality of the installation services and package of maintenance/troubleshooting warranties that separates the best HVAC contractors from the mediocre ones.
Most prolific HVAC contractors in Toronto have been in the business for more than 20 years. The new ones are reliable too. However, to derive the best bargain out of the deal on Air conditioner rental, always rely on the service from the knowledgeable, specialist HVAC contractors.
You could even test them on certain aspects of AC layout and the quality of the components used. For instance, the AC filter, which is the most “degraded” part of the HVAC unit. If you see that the AC filter is not clean and has dust in it, you can safely ‘assume’ that the contractor is not serious about the deal.
A dirty AC filter is the easiest way to rate an air conditioner rental service. You can also compare it with your existing AC filter that you are planning to switch with the rented one, or may be a new one.

3. Do they offer AC tune-ups
Like cars and microwave ovens, Air conditioners also require certain amount of tune up. Even though you may not see a visible disturbance or technical issue with your heating and cooling units, a tune up after routine inspection is the best preventive procedure recommended by the HVAC contractors in Toronto.

4. Is it insured?
Insurance covers are available on new as well as rental AC units. Though they are checked for quality and safety, there is always a chance of mishap related to fire, short-circuit and water leakage. If you are taking more than one AC rental unit, it is recommended that you check for an insurance cover from the contractor.
It goes without saying that you must always rent the most contemporary AC unit on rental to avoid replacement issues related to spare parts and thermostat regulations.

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