The Luxury Investment: Air Conditioner Rental is the Best Option for Everyone

Summer or winter, the air conditioners have become an indispensable part of our lives. For most consumers, installing an AC is more about embracing the luxury and comfort than a mere necessity, especially in places where the temperatures vary drastically over the day.

In Canada, residential consumers and small business owners prefer to outsource the services to the air conditioner rental agencies.

Who should possibly think of owning an AC rental unit?
If you belong to the following categories, renting an AC from HVAC Contractors is your best option.

  • Cake and confectionary shop owner
  • IIT service provider
  • Internet café and lounge centre
  • Snack franchise in airport
  • Indoor sporting club owner
  • Private tuition operator
  • Discotheque/ DJ club owner
  • Marriage hall owner
  • Start-Up company entrepreneur

Basically, every business enterprise requires furnace air conditioner to maintain an optimum temperature in the premise. Rather than buying ACs upfront, HVAC contractors in Toronto recommend the buyers and clients to try out rental AC services as well.

Why rent an AC?
There are many advantages of installing an air conditioner on rental basis than buying it.  We discuss 4 benefits every owner would love to experience.

1. Free/discounted installation

Oh yes! Whether you rent one unit or hundreds of them, the AC rental agency offers free or discounted installation services. Moreover, the installation is done by specialist professionals who handle at least 5-6 AC installations a day!

2. Assessment of the building

Before air conditioner installation, it is important to assess the room size and perform a load test to evaluate the ton of AC required to cool the room efficiently. More often than not, buyers fail to acknowledge the importance of a load test before investing in an AC. HVAC contractors Toronto offer top-class assessment to help clients make an informed choice.

3. Same day maintenance

Quick-fix service is the need of the hour. AC rental agencies dispatch mobile maintenance team to the client site to troubleshoot technical and mechanical issues related to heating, cooling, electrical wiring, vent function and ductwork quality.
Top-grade HVAC contractors dealing in AC rental units offer same-day replacement services, so that the clients don’t lose out on their business. We all know how hard it is to manage staff in a non-conditioned room.

4. There is an AC for every budget

Whether you are a working professional or a part-time student, what are the chances of owning an AC with your very first salary? Almost never.

That’s why most consumers prefer to take an AC on rent, at fraction of the cost of a new brand HVAC unit. Moreover, the units are well-maintained and come with a working guarantee. All ACs offered on rent are inspected by professional engineers and technicians.

It is indeed a great investment to make when it comes to owning an AC, however, most small house owners and tenants are always on the lookout for ACs on rental basis.

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