Top 7 Super Effective Tips to Keep Your HVAC rental within Budget

Are you planning to rent HVAC equipment very soon for your house? There are many reasons why a rental system in HVAC Toronto fetches more interest from house owners than new equipment. Unless you wish to invest in a furnace or a boiler solely for its new body, a furnace rental or HVAC rental in Toronto is the smartest way to save on installations cost and maintenance.

Here are 7 tips to keep your rented heating and cooling equipments in energy efficient mode in Toronto.

1. Budget versus Comfort
Buying new HVAC equipment in Toronto is a big investment. Considering your budget and use, you can give more preference to comfort. Recent trends reveal that more Canadians prefer to take up HVAC system on rental rather than putting money in new stuff. At a limited budget, rental furnace and cooling units are best.

2. Check for newer versions
Buying older HVAC equipments invariably mean that you will have less chance on saving electricity bill. New HVAC units on rental in Toronto give you the opportunity to save on energy bill and still enjoy the comfort within your budget. Get the wattage checked before going ahead with the rental deal.

3. Look for higher SEER units
Most rental units available with HVAC contractors in Canada are certified by ENERGY STAR. The recent versions have a higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) which means that you can save 15-20 percent more than standard units. Higher the SEER, greater will be the efficiency.

4. Check BGE Smart Energy Savers label on heat pumps
Finding a rental furnace with BGE Smart Saver heat pump is a challenge. Insist on enquiring about the credentials on BGE as it ensures that you save more than 20 percent on all models of HVAC units available in Canadian market since 2009.
For product efficiency, choosing a HVAC unit on resale qualifies for US and Canadian environmental protection norms.

5. Who is installing the HVAC system for you
It is rather difficult to manage a new HVAC system, especially when it comes to installing and maintaining them. HVAC contractors Toronto dealing in rentable units also provides a team of professional installers. Hiring a certified and qualified technician ensures that you enjoy a hassle-free furnace and compressor operation on coldest nights if the season.

6. Get a replacement warranty
Like all electrical appliances, failures could hack your winter night. At nominal cost, get an all-inclusive replacement HVAC unit in case the equipment breaks down. You can ask the HVAC contractor in Canada to replace if:

  • There is an inflation in the electricity consumption (valid Electric bill required to be shown)
  • When you have to do small but frequent repairs within the rental period
  • Sudden tripping of equipment that is less than 10 years old

7. Install before the season begins
Like all best deals in the town, get an early-bird discount on your preferred HVAC unit in Toronto. Prices could be 30-40 percent lesser just before the seasons begin.

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