5 Reasons why I chose a Furnace from rental provider in Toronto

Are you planning to rent a furnace for the colder months in Canada? If yes, there are number of factors that you must verify from a reputed HVAC contractor Toronto before opting for one. In many ways, getting a furnace rental is a cheaper and more convenient way to deal with ever rising prices of heating and cooling equipments in the market.

Here are five reasons why I chose to go with a high efficiency furnace on rental since last 4 years.

1. Contemporary Fuel Efficiency ratings for furnace
Furnaces in the market don’t change their efficiency ratings very often due to the international norms. Yes, they may promise to consume less energy if operating under ideal conditions, the rental furnaces as old as three to four years also offer the same efficiency. Before renting a high efficiency furnace for home or commercial space, ensure you check the energy ratings.

2. High ENERGY STAR rating
Heating and cooling units are rated based on an internationally accepted regulation- ENERGY STAR rating. All boilers, compressors and furnaces have to necessarily specify the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) to help consumers buy a more efficient system. Higher the AFUE, higher is the energy saving on fuel.

Before investing in a rental furnace in Canada, check if it meets the minimum requirement of 78 percent AFUE. Some HVAC contractors in Toronto rent out furnaces carrying AFUE rating as high as 98%.


3. Rental units are well maintained
Since rental furnace Toronto is a successful business venture, most contractors and dealers maintain a good stock of their units. I got my furnace and boiler checked by a certified inspector before renting it out. The contractors give a free in-operation maintenance package at a very nominal price which covers weekly inspection for holes, cracks and corrosion, in addition to free replacement in case of a breakdown anytime of the day.

Owing to this benefit that the rental furnaces offer, I never had to spend more than 90 minutes in cold during my five years rented furnace service in Toronto.

4. Lucrative pricing for mid-sized homes
Irrespective of your family budget, a rented high efficiency furnace in Toronto is considerably cheaper for the months you are going to use it extensively. Instead of buying a new furnace and keeping it idle for more than 4 months of the year, it is smarter to invest in a HVAC unit from rental services. Moreover, new rating norms have made new furnaces costlier which means it is still fine to go ahead with a rented furnace in Toronto albeit with a lower energy efficiency.

5. Don’t get swindled for the want of a new unit
Just because the new unit has a brand name behind it and comes in a packaged set, it does not mean it would be free from trouble. Moreover, it would require you to spend a considerable amount in installation and replacement later on.

For those who wish to save on these overheads, rented furnace and boilers are definitely a smart choice in cold winter months.

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