How to hire a duct work contractor?

The ductwork system in a house is similar to the lungs in the human body. When installed correctly, they will allow passage for clean air with next-to-no mechanical issues. With some cleaning, a ductwork system will last for many years.

Unfortunately, there are many disreputable ductwork contractors who use a host of slipshod techniques and short cuts to get the job done. By learning what ductwork ought to look like, you can avoid becoming the victim of a careless ductwork contractor.

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The following tips will help you hire a reliable contractor:

Learn the basics

To be able to evaluate any HVAC professional, you must know how duct systems operate, how they are designed and installed and how they should perform.

Ducts are constructed from galvanized steel and can be molded into any size and shape. Rectangular ducts measuring 8 inches high are fairly common. Flexible ducts are used to add to preexisting ducts or for ventilating hard-to-reach spaces. However, since they have higher pressure loss per foot, most contractors prefer to keep these ducts at no more than 15 feet.

Design an efficient duct plan

A licensed ductwork contractor should conduct a walkthrough of the entire home and perform calculations related to overall cooling, returns and vents, etc.  When the contractor is designing your ductwork system, he should be focused on steady air flow. Small ducts off the main duct line will go towards individual rooms and must be 6 to 7 inches wide and not affixed at hard angles. The goal is to keep air movement speed constant because a slowdown spells loss of heat. When the speed of the air flow is held at a constant, there is consistent cooling and heating.

Hire an HVAC Pro

This entails evaluating the ductwork installation contractor’s skills. Enquire about how many projects they’ve worked on and how long they’ve been in the business, ask for the references. If you ask any questions that provoke a dismissive response or quizzical look, walk away. You can check with Better Business Bureau to see a particular company’s reviews.


Once the contractor begins work, look for obvious mistakes such as metal straps that easily come off or aren’t properly nailed to the framing. Examine the joints between the two pieces of the duct. There should be a snug fit with the duct tape wrapped around it.

Skimping out on proper ductwork installation is detrimental to the health of a home. By hiring a reliable ductwork contractor, your home will breathe happily for many years to come.

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