How to Hire the Best HVAC Contractor in Toronto?

When you buy or rent a HVAC unit, you are bound to engage with personnel when it comes to installation and maintenance. The technicians working with HVAC systems should necessarily have HVAC certification from reputable agencies. Before hiring a technician for your installation and maintenance purpose in Ontario, you should look for the following pointers that AC Furnace GTA provides its clients.

Experience in handling hazardous HVAC tasks

A licensed HVAC technician with valid certification is certified to carry out works on ventilation units, heating system and cooling system. Since the HVAC operations involve working in relatively hazardous condition, the technician should have ample experience in handling electrical and refrigeration units.

All technicians and operators, both working online and on-field, you hire from AC Furnace GTA have valid certification and come with reasonable experience with them.

Online Support for minor Issues

Tell the complaint online and the customer care will guide you without requiring an on-field visit. It saves you the cost of labour and time of technicians. The customer care will pass the query to the licensed technician for online chat. The answer takes less than 10 minutes. If the online support is unable to resolve the issue, the technicians visit you the same day.

Uniformed personnel with ID proofs

All technicians working with AC Furnace GTA have uniforms and valid ID showing the experience and their contact numbers. It is important to identify the personnel in case you are unsatisfied with the services given. From giving instantaneous feedbacks to lodging a complaint, the professional ID and the uniform with name badges come handy in closing the issue amicably.

Identifying original parts

A certified personnel working with HVAC units understands the importance of using 100 percent original parts as recommended by the manufacturer. AC Furnace GTA contractors and technicians deal only in 100% original parts. Whether you buy a new furnace HVAC unit or a tankless water heater from us or take on a rental, the technicians always recommend the use of right parts.
Use of false parts may seem cheap, but can actually prove to be a costly affair.

Guaranteed replacement

In case of rental furnaces, the breakdown maintenance is done only after replacing the older unit with a new one. Based on the online query, if the unit has totally broken down, the technician will come and install a new HVAC unit at absolutely no cost, after a systematic inspection.

Languages they understand

Toronto is a cosmopolitan city. AC Furnace GTA has an experienced team of proficient technicians who speak multiple languages. English, French, Latin, Chinese, Japanese and Hindi are some of the options you can pick online.

Mobile services

No matter which part of the city you live in, the availability of a HVAC contractor is an assured feature. AC Furnace GTA offer one of the quickest mobile services when it comes to providing installation, maintenance or replacement assignments. You can track the technician assigned for your task using online navigation. Unique isn’t it!

In every possible way, AC Furnace GTA save you the hassle of recurrent follow-ups, cost of operation and of course, seeking a refund in case anything goes wrong from our end.

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