Highly reliable and safe installation services, high-velocity HVAC systems in Toronto

The concept of high-speed and high-efficiency HVAC systems in Toronto is a relatively new concept in the city. With hundreds of expatriates and short-term residents in Toronto looking for rental or short buy services at affordable rates, the installation package could prove to be a rather costly affair.

Advantages of installing high-velocity HVAC systems

  • Quick cooling at zero noise and vibration
  • High energy efficiency even at extreme operation
  • No improvised duct work installation needed, especially if it is for old houses
  • Highly flexible piping and tube layouts
  • Best for camouflaged installation where it can be put through small crawl spaces, ceilings and false partitions
  • Minimal invasive ductwork installation that keeps moisture and dirt away

To understand the installation of the high-velocity HVAC units in Toronto, it is important to connect to the best professionals in the city.

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Procedures involved in high-velocity furnace and air conditioner systems

Installation of the high velocity HVAC units is no mean task. It is a highly sophisticated assignment that requires elaborate field assessment and budget planning. Depending on the age of the building and the space you wish to cool or heat, the installation procedure too will vary.

The steps involved in the rental HVAC unit ductwork installation are:

  • Load calculation using software and informed assessment based on existing reports
  • Equipment size selection based on location, volume and price
  • Placement of the fan coil unit in protected space that is away from direct  sunlight, moisture and dirt
  • Selection of the fan coil unit cabinets- vertical or horizontal
  • Choosing the location for the Return Air filter box and duct
  • Placing the tube structure for plenum, air supply vents, refrigerant and condensate drain lines
  • Suspension of fan coil unit with attached supply plenum ring
  • Strapping the plenum to avoid movement during operation
  • Check movement of parts against any signs of loose strapping, rivets and electrical connections

If you are living in a rented space or in a vacation house, it is obviously a smarter option to go for furnace rental services and air conditioner rental units.

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What experts recommend?

High-velocity HVAC systems require elaborate ductwork installation. However it is largely related to flexibility and the use of quality material. The biggest challenge a regular ductwork layout will impose on the new system is the size and the volume of the HVAC unit. High-velocity air flow with proper heating and cooling comes from a small duct which removes the constraint of sticking to the existing architectural structure.

  • High velocity HVAC units distribute high quality airflow using fully insulated tubes and sealed ductwork installation.
  • Maintain uniformity of 2” diameter throughout the system
  • Remove any sign of moisture and obstructions from the ductwork
  • Placement of the rental HVAC unit in a single cabinet blower and coil system with proper fitment depending on the size of the space required to be heated or cooled

This is why the experts recommend the rental HVAC contractors Toronto services.

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