High-Efficiency Furnace and Boiler Buying Guide: 5 Thing to Manage Upfront

If you are staring at your current energy bill and wondering how to optimise it, a quick furnace replacement and boiler installation is your best option. Getting a warmer home at a cheaper cost is a challenging proposition and this is where a reputed HVAC contractor comes handy. A high efficiency gas furnace will heat your house at a quicker rate without eating into your budget.

But before investing in a high energy gas furnace, you need to keep few things in mind.

1. Taking a Brand new unit or installing a furnace on rental
Furnace rental is a relatively cheaper option as you don’t have to run after the long-term maintenance that comes with newer ones. If you invest with a furnace in sale, you can get a unit from recent stocks. Instead of buying a new furnace, try a rental furnace Mississauga with comprehensive ductwork installation included in the package.

2. Old is not Gold
Don’t buy a furnace in sale that is more than 10 years old. A reputed HVAC contractor will suggest boiler installation package that is anywhere between three to seven years old. Before installation, all the pipes, ducts and blades are checked for defects.
You can enjoy all the comforts of a newly installed furnace without actually buying it!

3. Technology and Energy efficiency
A boiler meant to heat your house uses hot water. The primary fuel could be oil, gas, propane, natural gas or electricity. Furnace Mississauga is the leading name in heating, cooling and water heating solutions in Toronto.

Look for a furnace in sale from top distributor that is laced with all the latest technologies:

  • Residential setting console
  • Electronic ignition
  • Dim light operation panel
  • Latest condensing combustion systems
  • Vibration-free blades
  • Noise-free radiators

Since HVAC units have a limited shelf life, it is better to invest in a boiler installation available on rental basis.

4. Easy to replace without hassles
Furnace in sale can be taken on rent if your existing unit has broken down. Rental furnaces in Toronto come with new central air conditioning system, humidifier/dehumidifier, Heat Recovery Ventilator and Air Flue Filtration system. Without spending a big money on repairing your regular furnace, just pay a little more and enjoy the warmth in chilly winter months with furnace rental units.

5. Get a free heating advisor’s visit
You may not be right when you go for HVAC hunting in the market. A HVAC unit works at its highest efficiency if all conditions of its operation are optimized. For instance, you have to see if the HVAC unit size is sufficient for your whole house, or is it just enough for a single room! Similarly, the material of your doors, windows and flooring also play a key role in the heating and cooling of your house.

Get a free quotation from HVAC contractors on rental furnace for a quick assessment before going ahead with the decision.

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