How To Get The Most Out Of Your Boiler Installation?

When you install a new gas boiler, there are certain steps that must be followed to ensure proper functioning of the unit.

The following tips will serve as a guide in boiler installation:

Find An Installer

You must find a qualified and registered installer to first conduct an inspection of your home. He will advise you on the type of boiler that will meet your  needs and requirements. The installer will examine your current system and determine if controls or replacement pipework is adequate to meet current building regulations. In order to calculate the boiler’s output, the installer would also require to evaluate your home for the number of windows and rooms you have, the insulation, etc.

It is recommended that you obtain at least three quotes for the work. You can obtain references from friends, family members and neighbors.

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Start The Work

Once you’re satisfied with an installer and the quote he is offering, schedule commencement of the work. A combi boiler takes up to a day to be installed. A power flush will also be required to remove all the debris within the system. You won’t be required to be around during the work, but make yourself accessible during the start and end of the project. At the start of the project, meet the installer and understand the entire procedure. After installation is finished, the installer will run through a checklist to demonstrate how the boiler operates and how it should be properly controlled.

Register The Boiler

After the boiler is installed, you have up to thirty days to register it. This is a required step to validate the warranty. If your boiler utilizes a form of renewable technology, it may require registration on an MCS database. The installer must do this. After registration, he will supply you with a certificate.

After your boiler is installed, ensure everyone in the home is familiar with how to use it. Proper installation and regular maintenance are key factors in prolonging the longevity of your boiler.

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