Five characteristics to consider when choosing a furnace

Your home’s furnace is essential to your everyday comfort and is a significant investment in your property. Buying new equipment is an important and quite challenging task. That’s why before making a purchase, you should evaluate the cost, the level of comfort, safety and utility bills. If you wonder how to choose the right furnace for your home, we have some helpful tips to guide you.

Before buying new heating equipment, consider these five points:


Equipment size is the essential criterion to consider when you think about how to choose the right furnace for your home. Not only will a properly-sized furnace be more efficient, but it will also help keep your family comfortable during the cold months. In determining the size of your furnace, the home’s square footage is important. Calculate how much energy your home needs to stay warm and then buy the appropriate furnace for your needs. Specialists from can help you with choosing the right HVAC equipment exactly for your house. 

Fuel source 

Furnaces can work on:

  • Natural gas;
  • Liquid fuel (propane);
  • Heating oil;
  • Electricity.

Any of these types may be ideal for your home; For example, gas furnaces are the most common type across Canada and one of the best fuel systems to use because of their high efficiency. Electric units are known for their quiet performance and durability. 


Now homeowners have more choices than ever when it comes to installing and using a heating system. 

If there is a gas supply in your house, then a gas furnace will be the ideal choice for you. Gas units are cheaper than electric ones. Plus, they heat the home faster. 

But to create a quality heating system for a house, an electric furnace will be the right decision. They are safer than gas units and has several advantages. Electric furnaces are more compact, reliable and easy-to-use compared to other types of heating equipment. 

Oil furnaces are the best choice for homeowners who need a budget-friendly option. Even though this type is not so popular among buyers, there are still high-efficient models.  Oil units are a good choice for those who live in colder weather climate. 


Furnace efficiency is measured by annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). 

AFUE is a measure of how efficient the appliance is in converting the energy in its fuel to heat over the course of a typical year. For example, older furnace systems had efficiencies in 56% to 70%, while modern conventional heating systems can achieve efficiencies as high as 98.5%. When it comes to maximizing your savings over a long time, buying a high-efficiency furnace will be the right decision. Currently, the minimum standard for new furnaces and boilers is 80% AFUE.


If you have already decided on your furnace model and proceed to purchase, pay attention to such an important point as the warranty, which ensures that most repairs or defects will be covered. The warranty can give you peace of mind if the HVAC equipment manufacturer backs its product. Why trust a company that won’t stand by their work?

The terms may vary from one manufacturer to the next, including what is covered and the coverage period. Carefully read all warranty conditions before buying.

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