What Every Buyer Should Know About the Tankless Water Heaters?

Comes winter, and the requirement of the hot water grows 200% in every household compared to the rest of the year. The hot water supplies are largely used in the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry services. With many benefits, the tankless water heaters have a few critics who blame it for the rising of energy bills.

Here are 4 things every buyer should know about the tankless water heaters system before buying to derive the benefits that the manufacturers and sales personnel promised.

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1. Switching Operations:

Most users have a tough time in understanding the temperature at which the water heater system delivers the output. The users, out of habit, switch on the heater first and then turn the knob. Instant supply is available within 5 seconds of switching on the tankless water heater. Since there is no water tank to store the hot supplies, if you don’t turn on the knob, the water will turn into steam, inside the pipes. It is thus very important to learn the correct way to use the tankless water heaters.

2. Ignition models:

The electrical switch ignites the tankless water heater. The electronic console has numerous functionalities to maintain the correct temperature, adjust the pressure and even trip the unit in case the system fails.

Contact to ignition can be made through switch operation, button push, or even by mobile functions. Some latest tankless water heater models allow the user to switch on the heater from remote locations by using a Cloud technology.

3. The combustion fan may have faults:

The combustion fan is a component in the tankless water heater system that sucks in the oxygen from the air during ignition, leading to the start of combustion. The fan speed is usually adjusted automatically depending on the amount of fuel and the oxygen levels in the atmosphere.

Due to rusting or cold weather, the fan operation may get affected, leading to non-ignition of the system.

Make sure that the tankless water heater comes with a self-regulated combustion fan. In some cases, the combustion fan may continue to operate, though at low speeds despite switching off the system. It usually lasts for 5-7 minutes.

4. Pipe leakages

Pipes are usually made of highly durable PVC or steel. However, due to the high temperature and hot-cold water flow inside the pipes, they may burst open. The usual crack lines appear near the joints at the inlet and outlet of the tankless water heaters, and near the tap.

The cracks appear due to excessive pressure inside the pipes. It is very important to follow the instructions given by the tankless water heater manufacturers to avoid pipe cracks. Leaking pipes lead to dissatisfaction and in some cases lead to growth of algae inside the pipes, affecting the quality of the water supply.

That’s why tankless water heater rentals are more desirable as the HVAC contractors offer different sized units for different purposes at a very affordable rent.

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