Top 5 Energy saving Tips for Rented Furnace and HVAC

Do you need a specialist to tell you ways to manage your energy bills? Absolutely not… You can do that right from where you are and not just once, but for many years to come. The advantage of renting HVAC equipment are manifold, but the most enticing aspect of dealing with rented units is that you get satisfactory results and equivalent comfort compared to a new-age unit.

Here is a list of things that you can do maintain an optimum energy bill without actually shelling out too much.

1 Regulate your thermostat settings
In Toronto, the HVAC contractors recommend a thermostat setting of around 68° F for winters. For hotter regions, you can push the thermostat setting to 5o° F for a comfortable ambience. In case of individuals who need warmer settings, you can put it on automated setting with auto blower.

In winters, avoid running the fan on full-speed. Medium or low swing will ensure your energy bills remain low even as the thermostat settings continue on auto mode.

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2 Use a humidifier
Colder it gets, harder it will be for the thermostat to maintain the comfort levels. Ask your HVAC contractor in Toronto to include a humidifier in the vents. This will allow you to stay warm even in low thermostat settings. Using humidifier with a furnace and air conditioning will save energy bills by at least 15-20 percent.

3 Get your thermostat settings right with routine filter replacements
Getting the filter replaced on time is a huge thing as far as ensuring high efficiency is concerned. Even for heaters and furnace taken on rental, filters have to be replaced every month, especially if they are running for 12 or more hours daily. A clogged filter will spike up the energy bills to 45 percent within a week. So, the dirtier it is, harder it will be for you to maintain the energy consumption.

Moreover, HVAC contractors include filter cleaning and furnace vent maintenance in selected packages.

4 Use energy saver options in the appliances
Most HVAC appliances have energy saver options in their console. You can choose Economy Mode or Comfort Mode according to your requirements. Avoid regulating your thermostat settings too much between the day and night time. More you do it, higher will be the energy consumption during winters.

5 Sealing, ductwork installation and piping solutions
HVAC contractors Toronto offer extensive sealing and ductwork installation solutions in the rental package. From assessing the quality of piping to the structure of the wall on which exhaust vents will be installed, everything is documented for reference.

All windows and doors are checked for air leaks. Caulking with weather stripping materials and sealants ensure that there is no loss of heat from the vents and pipes. Energy-efficient window panes block UV rays and prevent heat loss due to Green House effect. You may have to invest in these windows but if the house owner, getting it done in addition to boiler installation is a very profitable option.

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