Ducane™ Air Conditioning and Heating – The Decision that Lasts!

The Ducane™ brand is committed to providing exceptional value in home cooling and heating. Each HVAC product has been designed with precision, meticulously assembled and rigorously factory-tested to ensure that it delivers the greatest efficiency, longest dependability and highest quality. When you invest in a Ducane™ heating or cooling system, you are trusting the right choice, right now!

At ACFurnaceGTA, Ducane™ is the first name most people think of when searching for heating and or cooling systems for their homes. We carry a wide range of Ducane air conditioning and heating products that will surely meet and exceed your expectations.

Whether you have a new home built or are renovating an existing one, our professional HVAC technicians can provide you with many Ducane™ products that will suit your lifestyle.

What makes Ducane™ the right choice, right now?

Each component in every Ducane product is carefully selected for its durability and then thoroughly inspected and tested before being shipped out. Ducane products are known for providing maximum energy efficiency and adhering to Regional Energy Efficiency standards.

Whether you purchase an air conditioner, furnace, heat pumps or fan coil, every Ducane product will provide you with savings, year after year, while keeping you and your family comfy and contented.

What are some Ducane™ products that you can purchase today at ACFurnaceGTA?

If you are looking for an HVAC product that has been thoroughly tested, provides utility savings and comfort, and adheres to energy efficiency standards, then Ducane™ is the right choice for you.

We currently offer the following Ducane™ products:

Gas Furnaces

Many homeowners today are looking for quality, reliability and low environmental impact. A Ducane™ gas furnace is the only one that meets and exceeds these expectations. Their gas furnaces are built from quality components such as specially planned burners and constant torque motors; both of which play a significant role in reliability and efficiency.

Oil Furnaces

To escape the cold wrath of winter, many homeowner’s like to put their trust into Ducane™ oil furnaces. These are available in 3 styles. Selection will be based upon your existing ductwork, heating requirements and the savings each style provides.

Air Conditioners

During some of the hottest days in the summer, Ducane air conditioners put on their top performance. Specializing in providing economical cooling, Ducane air conditioners deliver solid cooling that saves you dollars. To find the most suitable choice for you, compare our Ducane™ range of air conditioners according to their efficiency rating and number of cooling phases.

Heat Pumps

Ducane™ heat pumps provide efficient cooling and heating; making them an intelligent choice for every season. When you pair a gas furnace with a heat pump, it produces a dual-fuel system that maximizes efficiency.

To choose the best heat pump, compare compressor types and efficiency ratings. Our HVAC professionals will be happy to explain the features and differences between each model.

Packaged Units

Do you live in a home with space limitations? Ducane’s packaged units unite cooling and heating into a single, convenient solution. This unit mounts on the outside rather than inside, saving on space while offering efficient and reliable operation.

Air Handlers and Coils

Ducane™ air handlers and coils are an integral part of the indoor cooling and heating system. These components are involved in heat transfer, either into or out of your home. Ducane air handles have many features and capabilities; but all are built for reliability, quality and value.

Ductless Systems

Do you have an add-on room where installing ductwork just isn’t practical? Ducane’s ductless systems are the perfect solution. These provide energy-efficient cooling and heating for single and multiple rooms. They operate with minimal noise and easily blend into the home’s environment.

Come and visit us at ACFurnaceGTA for a demonstration of these and other quality, brand name products. Let us help you make the right choice, right now. Contact us today!

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