How to choose the right Central Heating System for your House?

Central heating system plays a very important role in maintaining an ambient temperature at home during the winters and cold nights. The central heating systems supply hot water to the bathrooms and wash basin faucets, in addition to providing heat to the rooms.

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A central heating system consists of the following HVAC systems.

  • Air conditioner systems
  • Furnace
  • Water heater
  • Boiler and steamer

5 Things to focus on while choosing a central heating system

1. Size is still the king
The right sized central heating systems can take care of many requirements at the same time. The size of the HVAC unit depends on the following factors:

  • Daily requirement
  • Size of the room
  • Number of members in the family
  • Supply of fuel and water

Age of the building and availability of the storage space also play a crucial role in selecting the right sized high efficiency gas furnace for central heating systems.

2. Insulation and draft-proofing

When the central heating system is installed, efficiency is the most important aspect expected from the unit. Poor ductwork installation and lack of draught-proofing can reduce the efficiency of the central heating systems significantly. Each year, homes with proper ductwork installation and draught proofing manage to save $70 to $90. Moreover, thermostat settings tend to be lower at lower temperatures bringing the energy consumption bills by at least 13%.

3. Building regulations

Does the central HVAC system you are eyeing for your house meet the standards laid down by the government or local administration? All modern central heating systems meet the carbon dioxide emission ratings and contribute towards safeguarding the climate and environment in the long run.

Depending on the fuel used to fire up the furnace and the boiler, the seasonal efficiency of the HVAC could shuttle between 75% and 93%. Higher the rating, better are the chances of meeting the ever-changing building regulations.

4. Electric firing

The biggest advantage of modern furnace and boilers in Toronto is their mode of firing/ ignition. The electric models come with a storage unit that makes it efficient to store heat for a longer time without losing it to dissipation.

Central heating systems with electric firing have much lesser parts compared to the gas and oil-fired furnace and boilers.

5. Quite, noise free and vibration-less operation

What’s the use of owning a top-end high performance gas furnace rental unit that produces noise of a stationary Boeing? Test the noise levels at idle, peak and shut-down conditions before buying a central heating system for homes and offices.

The modern central heating systems essential provide:

  • Hot air produced in the high-efficiency gas furnace and circulated from the vents and ductwork network
  • Steam supplied using a network of pipes produced in boilers in pressurized containers and controlled using valves
  • Hot water produced by boilers and water heaters at optimum temperature used to wash clothes, dishes and in bathrooms

For furnace on sale, gas versions are best as they are cheaper than the electric ones. For short term use, go straightforward with a combination heating system with hybrid firing systems.

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