Why Choose Gas Furnace Installations?

There are many heating options to help you keep warm throughout the winter. From floor heating, to space heaters and heat pumps, the choices are many. However, due to the maximum comfort they provide during the winter months, gas furnace installations continue to be the most popular heat sources for most homeowners.

When it comes to adding a power source to a furnace, the choices are propane, electricity, oil and natural gas. Of these, natural gas is the most common and burns the cleanest.

Listed below, are some of the benefits of choosing gas furnace installations:

Improved Efficiency

Due to advancing technology, gas furnaces are now designed to perform even better than before. Some gas furnace models are up to 95% efficient! This means next-to-no heat is lost in the exhaust funes.

Lower Operating Costs

The cost of natural gas is lower than electricity and propane. With better efficiency and lower fuel costs, you’re saving money every month on your energy bills. Your operational costs are also a lot less.

No Onsite Fuel Storage Required

With a propane and oil furnace, you need to have a steady supply of fuel for your property. When prices are low, you can easily stock up. However, if your supply runs out, you will be out of luck, not to mention heat! With natural gas, there is a fuel pipeline that provides the power source. This means you have a constant supply of energy.

Environmentally Friendly

High-efficiency gas furnaces are some of the most eco-friendly sources of heat. When they burn, they leave zero carbon foot prints.

More affordable in the long run

Since gas furnace installations are more fuel efficient, they cost more compared to other types of furnaces. However, the lifetime costs of a gas furnace are much less and it also has lower fuel consumption. In the long run, your gas furnace purchase will be more worthwhile.

Considering the efficiency, low operating costs, environmentally-friendly nature and long term affordability of gas furnace installations, they are the best choice for heating your home.

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