How does my Boiler work? Guide to Different Types of Boilers

Purchasing a boiler requires careful thought and consideration, especially when deciding which type of boiler to buy. The boiler needs to be efficient yet fit in practically with your lifestyle and home.

The following is a brief discussion on the three main types of boilers, how they operate, some of their advantages and the types of homes they are suited for.

Combi Boiler

Combi or Combination boilers work in sealed systems. They provide hot water for the central heating system as well as the taps. The water is directly heated from the mains whenever it’s required. Therefore a hot water storage cylinder is not required.

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Combi boilers are easier, cheaper and quicker to install. They also require less space because a cistern or cylinder is not required. The water is delivered according to the mains pressure, allowing you to enjoy a powerful shower.

Points to Consider

Combi boilers operate on a priority system. This means only one heating at a time can occur. This is suitable for small families. The performance of this type of boiler depends on the diameter of the pipe.

System Boiler

A system boiler is fitted into a sealed heating system. They operate by storing hot water in the cylinder. This means several outlets can receive hot water at mains pressure. A cistern is not required and the expansion vessel is located within the boiler.


System boilers are best suited for large home with high demands. This type of boiler is ideal for large families. Its major components are built in, cost-wise it is affordable and the installation is quick. Flow rates are high and you can instantly receive hot water.

Points to Consider

The possibility of running out of hot water is high, especially if over used.

Conventional Boiler

Regular boilers are usually bought as a replacement for homes that have an open-vented heated system. This type of boiler works on similar principles as a system boiler, however a separate cylinder to store hot water is required.


Hot water flows out at a decent flow rate and it is instantaneously supplied. If you’re looking for a power shower, this is the best type of boiler for it.

Points to Consider

This type of boiler costs more to install, requires more space to set up and has more pipework and components. If the cistern isn’t placed high, the boiler can experience low pressure.

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