Boiler Maintenance Tips: Why you should do routine check-ups regularly?

A boiler is an integral heating system of many homes. Boiler installations in homes and offices ensure as steady stream of hot water as well as hot air during winters. The quality of hot water and air from the boiler depends on many factors. Top 5 factors that affect the quality of service from the boiler are as follows.

  • Age of the boiler unit
  • Air filter quality
  • Stability of the combustion unit
  • Burner and flame sensor response
  • Fuel quality used

The most important aspect of owning a burner for house is its maintenance. Most owners make the mistake of waiting for one or more troubles to start before going for a break-down maintenance which often involves costly repairs and spare parts replacement.

Here are top reasons why every owner should do a routine maintenance check in order to make rental services in boiler segment a profitable investment.

1. Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning
Boiler installation Mississauga has to be done in a systematic manner. Faulty installations result in improper and incomplete combustion which could lead to production of smoke and carbon monoxide gas.  Inhalation of the gas can lead to asphyxiation and illness. Asthma patients should be extra careful with boiler usage to prevent sickness during their operation.

2. Ensure good ventilation
The vents and ducts often get jammed due to the deposition of the particulate matter. The blocked flue can cause ambiguous rise and drop in temperature. The use of blocked vent switch in modern boilers prevents the occurrence of jammed flue lines. For older boilers, HVAC contractors in Toronto recommend the owners to regularly open up the heat exchanger and clear the debris as part of preventive maintenance routine. Good ventilation through the vents and proper ductwork installation prevents the boiler unit from breaking down at peak load.

Improve efficiency
The boiler servicing can improve the overall efficiency by 50% in the very first hour. A poorly maintained boiler is not an asset. It turns into a liability, incurring heavy cost of comfort at barely any good comfort level. Even the latest boiler models require regular maintenance and cleaning services to enjoy healthy efficiency and energy bills.

3. Heat exchanger cracks
Many owners use old boiler and furnace combustion units connected to fairly new flue lines and chimney. The new boilers are more likely to run into trouble due to the phenomenon of retro-fitting which renders the HVAC unit useless in meeting contemporary energy and comfort levels.

A high-efficiency gas furnace and boiler connected to newer flue lines experience differential air temperature leading to abrupt condensation in the interior parts. This could lead to a condition called condensate corrosion which causes cracks and holes in the Heat Exchanger.

In order to maintain the flue lines, ductwork installation should be complete reworked according to the compatibility with the boiler.

The chances of getting 100% efficiency or stable performance after the first break-down maintenance are very low. That’s why HVAC Furnace Rental agencies in Toronto promote rental services that offer furnace on sale and boiler installation with complete replacement package.

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