Armstrong Air® Heating & Cooling : The Professional’s Choice

Want to know why Armstrong Air is The Professional’s Choice? The Armstrong Air series of products enables you and your family to enjoy comfort and efficient heating and cooling solutions on your own terms.

At ACFurnaceGTA, Armstrong Air is one of our best-selling brands. We carry a range of Armstrong Air products that will offer you everything you’re looking for in a heating, cooling and air system, with a dash extra.

Our professional technicians will provide you with a summary of options and help you select the best Armstrong Air products as required for your needs. Whether it is an Armstrong series HVAC system, air conditioner or thermostat, our experienced technicians will help you create a cozy atmosphere that is most conducive for rest and relaxation, guaranteed!

Why has Armstrong Air been the Professional’s Choice since 1928?

For nearly a century, Armstrong Air has always been at the front of quality improvements and new technologies in the HVAC, air conditioning and heating industry. Every product in their selection is manufactured to supply comfort, durability and energy efficiency. This is supported by brilliant design features and cutting-edge technology within the product.

In addition, Armstrong Air is always committed to continuous improvement, design fine-tuning and regular testing. This dedication to quality is evident in their craftsmanship and product performance.

Armstrong Air’s products are at the fore-front of emerging technologies, making them highly suitable for today’s generation of homeowners.

Armstrong Air is the Professional’s Choice because it features the following cutting-edge technologies:

  • Comfort Sync-

    This is an advanced thermostat with a user-friendly touchscreen. It enables you to control internal temperatures, obtain live weather forecasts and access energy-saving features from your mobile or smart phone. You can essentially program your home’s temperature from half way around the world!

  • EHX™ Technology

    This technology is a heat exchanger that is present in every Armstrong Air furnace. Instead of relying on welding, crimping is used to improve durability and reduce wear-and-tear from heat strain. This technology improves every year.

  • Quiet Combustion™ Technology

    This technology is present in every Armstrong Air furnace, in particular in their burners. They’re specially designed with numerous jets and uniquely shaped fuel channels to offer efficiency, low noise levels and reliability.

  • MHT™ Technology

    This technology is a marvelous approach to cooling, present in every Armstrong Air heat pump and air conditioner. A specially-designed fan and unique heat transfer system work together to provide maximum efficiency and savings.

  • Quiet Shift™ Technology

    This technology is applied to heat pumps, enabling them to disperse ice and frost quickly, so that your AC performance is not affected.

The Armstrong Air brands delivers the following promises:

  • Full control of your home’s temperature through your mobile device or Smart phone.
  • High performance products that save money and energy.
  • Breathe in fresher, cleaner and healthier air, everyday!
  • Heating and cooling system is built around you and your needs.

ACFurnaceGTA offers the following Armstrong Air products:

  • PRO Series™ Systems Products- Energy Star® rated gas furnaces and air handlers, air conditioners and heat pumps, indoor air filters and UVC germicidal lights.
  • Comfort Sync® Thermostat and Comfort Sync® Zoning
  • Oil Furnaces
  • Coils

ACFurnaceGTA carries a broad range of quality, brand-name products. Let us help you create a comfortable home. Contact us today!

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