Air Conditioner Rental Services: How do they benefit you?

Air conditioner rental services are a feasible option for many homeowners who do not wish to purchase a unit. Apart from the cost associated with a purchase, there are also expenses related to maintenance, repair and installation. With a purchased A/C unit, the value simply depreciates with time; so if you try to resell your A/C unit, you won’t get a fair return.

outdoor air conditioner rental

This is why it is more reasonable to choose air conditioner rental services. What are the other benefits for you in it?


Renting an A/C unit is a type of insurance that protects you from expensive failures and breakdowns. If your unit stops working, the air conditioner rental service provider will usually repair or replace the unit at no extra cost to you. In addition, a rental fee is more affordable than doling out a large wad of cash to purchase a unit. This is why rental rates are typically more economical.


There needs to be a schedule in place that ensures your purchased A/C unit is tested on a regular basis. If a problem or breakdown occurs, YOU are responsible for bearing the cost, especially if the warranty has expired. However, if you opt to rent your A/C unit, the cost of maintenance and servicing is the responsibility of the air conditioner rental service provider.


A/C filters need to be cleaned on a regular basis. The condensate jugs must also be emptied and the flex duct and unit should be functioning well. With an A/C rental, you never have to worry about maintenance because the unit receives thorough maintenance servicing before it is delivered to your door.


Moving within the same building is quite simple, but when you have to change cities, it can result in costly re-installation charges and possible damage to both the A/C unit and wall. This is not the case with an air conditioner rental services provider. With just a single phone call, the service provider will visit your location and reinstall it in your new home.

Air conditioner rental services can save you a lot of money and provide you with many conveniences. Contact ACFurnaceGTA to learn more about our A/C rental services.

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