6 Reasons that make Tankless Water Heaters Extremely Popular

Gone are the days when you would have to wait for at least 15 minutes to receive hot water in your taps. With the advent of quick fire heaters and efficient tank solutions, the hot water supplies have become a luxury. However, the biggest development in the hot water segment has arrived from the rather “miniature-styled” tankless version in water heaters.

We bring you 6 affable reasons that make tankless water heaters very popular.

1. Multi-purpose utility
Tankless water heaters can provide endless hot water supplies to any part of the house any time. With the press of the switch, you never have to think about hot water needs ever again. The water can be supplied to multiple fixtures in different bathrooms, showers, dish washing bays and even laundry/washing machine inlet.

With the tankless water heaters, users no longer have to schedule their hot water usage ever.

2. Designed to deliver highest efficiency
The tankless water heaters are genial and highly efficient. Thanks to the use of specially manufactured aluminum and copper rods, the heat exchangers inside the heaters deliver around 95% efficiency.

With a cost saving of around 45% over traditional overhead tank water heaters, these tankless versions are not just economical but also super efficient and quick.

3. No storage, no dirt
Traditional water heaters with storage tanks are susceptible to corrosion and blockages. The tankless editions run no such issues. As there is no tank to go with in the first place, the risks of corrosion are minimal. Moreover, the hot water supplies are available in less than 5 seconds, which means that no storage is required. It saves the space, and the cost involved in placing the tank.

4. Sizes for every house
The tankless water heaters are available in many sizes. Each heater is designed to fit into smallest of spaces. However, depending on the size of the family and the daily volume of water consumption, larger tankless water heaters are also available with HVAC contractors and furnace rental showrooms.

Moreover, you can choose from different sizes to meet the hot water requirements for laundry, bath and dish washing specifically.

5. Easy maintenance
The most fascinating aspect of the tankless water heaters is its easy maintenance. Unlike the traditional tank versions, that required system replacement on breakdown, the smaller tankless types are easily correctable. Spare parts are easily available, and have a rather cost-friendly maintenance routine.

6. Environment-friendly
Tankless water heater rental units are tested for emissions and corrosion. Very low C02 emissions are registered from these heaters. Additionally, they have an automatic water temperature control system that allows the user to adjust the temperature based on requirement. At minimum expense of energy, the user can enjoy the highest luxury, with a turn of the knob. They also have state of the art electronic consoles to feed programs.

Looks trendy and is extremely efficient, the tankless water heater has become the necessity and luxury of every house, hotel and even resorts.

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