Why do I need to service my boiler? How often should I service it? Is it really necessary to service my boiler? These are questions many homeowners often ask themselves. Ironically, even when they learn that regular servicing is integral to a boiler’s performance, most people put it off. It is only when their boiler stops functioning altogether, that they consider contacting a professional. Unfortunately because the boiler lies hidden in the basement and out of sight, most people don’t think about looking at it until something goes wrong. The take-home message here is boiler servicing is absolutely necessary.

The following 5 reasons will convince you why servicing is so important:

Servicing Saves Lives

Faulty boilers are hazardous to human health. According to statistics posted by the UK government, approximately 4,000 people become ill with carbon monoxide poisoning arising from leaking boilers. Of these, 200 people seek hospital care and around 50 people die. When you contact your HVAC service specialist, they will send a Gas Safe qualified boiler engineer to check and repair weak points or leaks.

Reduces Fuel Bills

Servicing helps to ensure your boiler is functioning efficiently and not squandering energy. This will reduce your energy bill and minimize your carbon footprint.

Save On Repairs

By opting for annual servicing, you can save money on possible repairs. A certified boiler engineer will fix minor issues which if left unrepaired will lead to significant malfunctioning and breakdowns.

Ensures Insurance Validity

Many boiler warranties require an annual servicing to maintain the validity of the insurance. This helps to ensure that your boiler is working properly. This may be a requirement of some home insurance policies as well.

Increases Boiler Lifespan

Servicing a boiler helps to ensure all its parts are working as they should. This helps to increase the lifespan of the boiler. In other words, most boilers need to be replaced after 15 years. Regular servicing will help keep your boiler effective for that length of time.

Raise awareness about boiler safety and the importance of boiler servicing with your friends and family members. For more information on boiler servicing or to speak to a certified boiler servicing engineer, contact boiler installers Toronto today.

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